Measure, analyze and continuously improve the Experience of your Collaborators.

Slik's “Engagement” module allows you to listen to your collaborators during all stages of their journey in the organization and empowers HR and leaders by giving them visibility on what to improve and how.

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Slik's AI facilitates the interpretation of results obtained in your surveys, helping to prioritize decision making based on data and statistical analysis.

Not only will you be able to optimize time, but you will also be able to act on things that significantly improve your teams' experience.

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Configure the stages of your collaborators' journey

In Slik you can configure all the stages of your collaborators' journey and the key moments within each stage to later receive feedback on the experience they are having and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Achieve response rates of 90% or higher

Our product team is passionate about creating solutions that our customers enjoy applying, which is why our customers achieve excellent participation rates in their surveys.

Reach your collaborators through a variety of channels

Slik integrates with the main messaging platforms such as Slack, Google, Teams, Workplace and Whatsapp so you can efficiently reach your collaborators.

Have visibility into the employee experience at all stages of the journey

Con nuestro reporte de Journey Map podrás visualizar la experiencia de tus colaboradores en cada etapa de su viaje dentro de la organización como selección, onboarding, desarrollo, crecimiento y salida.

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All your key indicators online and in real time

With our sophisticated online and real-time Dashboard, you will be able to quickly determine how your Engagement, Favorability, Mean, and eNPS indicators are performing, also, what works and where you should improve.

Forget about wasting hundreds of hours on Excel

You may visualize results by office, department, manager, job, gender, seniority, age, education level, and create new tags using our advanced demographic and question filters.

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Learn how to improve the experience of your collaborators

With our customizable Heatmap, you can instantly detect which dimensions are thriving and which dimensions require improvement within a department, office, position, and management.

Classify the comments to design your action plans

With the help of our feedback module, you can categorize comments by topic and mood so that you can rely on these insightful observations when defining your action plans.

Compare all your collaborator climate, pulse and travel surveys

With TREND you will be able to compare the results of your surveys and visualize how key indicators such as Engagement, Favorability and eNPS are improving.

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Identify where to focus with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Priorities module utilizes AI to determine which sentences have the greatest impact on important Collaborator Experience metrics like Engagement, Favorability, and eNPS and then recommends the order in which you should focus your work.

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Identify which teams you should focus on

Our Artificial Intelligence Prioritization module tells you which sentences to focus on in your action plans and which teams are most critical.

Empower each leader with information on what they need to improve and how

With our action plans module, each leader receives recommendations on how to increase their low-scoring indicators in order to advance their dedication, experience, and performance.

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Have visibility into what each leader and department is working on

To guarantee that metrics and experience increase in the next measurement, visualize the steps each leader is taking and the degree of improvement.

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