People Experience Certification

Hacking the role of HR as a key partner in business strategy.
Certification objective

Thanks to recent technological advancements and the direct influence these have had on the major important business metrics such as eNPS, NPS, talent acquisition, turnover reduction, sales, and profitability, human resources has become a critical strategic partner in the success of any organization.

This certification course seeks to impart the approaches and frameworks now employed by organizations that enjoy exceptional performance as a consequence of strategic people experience tools and practices.

Additionally, in order to foster an ongoing flow of learning and innovation, we will also facilitate the creation of an HR network with like minded professionals.

You will experience an integrated approach of key concepts and case application, so you will take away the necessary tools and knowledge to design and implement a PX project in your organization.

Online classes
With agile and experimental methodology
7 classes
Divided into 4 modules + Final project
August 2, 2023 to
September 13, 2023.
1 class per week of 1:30 hours.
4pm to 5:30 pm EDT
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We gained knowledge about data management and decision-making techniques.
This course provided a theoretical and hands-on approach to designing and implementing an outstanding people experience strategy. In order to create experiences that have a positive influence on all important business indicators, we learned how to manage and use data for decision making as well as integrate the scientific approach with state-of-the-art agile methodology.
Gabriela Loscar
People Experience Leader at Aerolíneas Argentinas
What does the content look like?
We co-created this course so that you can design and implement a world-class People Experience strategy to positively impact all key business indicators, turning HR into a key area for the success of your organization.
Customer Experience (CX): at the origin of the People Experience (PX) framework.
In this module, we will start the PX journey as a Change Culture Management experience. We will explain to you the comparison between CX and PX in order to understand how they complement each other with regard to the current and future needs in both areas.
Agile & Data Science for People Experience: Strengthening the strategic view of HR.
This module will teach you how to use agile tools (Scrum, Design Thinking, and Lean) for PX management. Similarly, we will reinforce it with data-driven content, which is a crucial component for controlling the experience of collaborators while bringing value and innovation. We will discuss success stories by utilizing dashboards and hypothesis (ROI) to assess talent strategy based on fundamental indicators.
People Experience Design: Designing a World-Class Experience
In this module we will work on the construction and design of the People Journey Map and Personas. We will accomplish it via hands-on experience with real-world scenarios, defining the stages of interaction and applying measures to learn about the perceptions of individuals involved.MODULE 4
Internal Communication and Employer Branding at the service of PX: New Paths.
In this module, we will focus on the current influence of communication, which trend priorities to build the employer brand and internal communication, as applied to real-world business and management scenarios, as well as address the significance of collaborative platforms in hybrid model management.
The teachers
A team of knowledgeable and dedicated experts on a mission to elevate HR, businesses, and their people to new heights.
Emanuel Kasianczuk
Head of Product en Slik
Daniela Amiras
Head of People Experience en Slik
Florencia Martinez
Head of Agile Change Management & People Experience en Slik
Paulina Robalino
Head of People Science & Research Center en Slik
Jimena Cespedes
Talent and Organization Development Consultant
Investment and admission
This certification course, which is both theoretical and practical, was created for HR or People Experience executives who work in organizations with more than 1,000 collaborators.
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